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  • The deadline to upload files through this site was 8:00 PM Eastern Time (UTC-4) on Wednesday, July 14th 2021.

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  • Please refer to the presenter hub for instructions on how to upload any additional files directly into Pathable.

If you have technical questions, please email aomspeaker@projection.com.


  • This site is open to participants in the virtual 2021 Academy of Management Annual Meeting.

  • All participants may upload Supplemental Files for their session. These files will be transferred directly into the Pathable Virtual Meeting Environment provided they are uploaded here prior to the deadline listed below.

  • Please refer to the How to Create a Cross Platform Narrated Version of Your Presentation  for instructions on creating a narrated video of your presentation. It is imperative that you follow these instructions to ensure the narrated video file will work online.

  • An optional Virtual Speaker Ready Room is offered as a part of this service. Please use the scheduling tool to make a 15 minute appointment with a Technician in order to:

    • Confirm funtioning of your computer, Zoom, microphone/headset and camera.
    • Discuss logistics of your session.
    • Review your presentation.

  • The virtual Speaker Ready Room will open Monday, June 7th 2021.

  • All narrated presentation videos and/or Supplemental Files must be uploaded into this system by
    8:00 PM Eastern Time (UTC-4) on Wednesday, July 14th 2021

If you have any general questions about your presentations(s), please use the AOM Support Center at https://support.aom.org/.


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